Helping people make better choices throughout their sports and play project journey.

​The trade association for UK sports and play construction

​SAPCA provides step-by-step support to reduce the stress of managing sports and play construction projects. We promote collaboration and innovation to help ensure successful projects, every time.

​Building an active nation

SAPCA’s goal is to ensure that every project meets the customer’s expectations, is designed, built and maintained to last, whilst delivering excellent value for money. Our aims and objectives include:

  • ​Supporting better choices

    ​We want to take the stress out of sports and play facility projects, providing step-by-step guidance to help even the most inexperienced of volunteer project managers

  • ​Open communication

    ​We will endeavour to provide expert advice on all aspects of sport and play construction, without the technical jargon – online, by phone or face to face

  • ​Sharing best practice

    ​We strive to promote collaboration and innovation to ensure the best possible results, helping to create environments to inspire an active nation

  • ​Supporting all projects

    ​We aim to provide support and guidance for projects of all sizes, from the smallest play facilities through to national sporting venues

  • ​Maintaining integrity and ethics

    ​We strive to promote ethical and trusted working practices, working closely with members to ensure projects are designed, built and maintained to last, whilst delivering excellent value for money

  • ​Safeguarding the industry

    ​Our vision is to be recognised and trusted as the leading authority on the design, construction and maintenance of sports and play facilities across the UK

  • ​Promoting learning and development

    ​We aim to work with members to provide training and development opportunities that improve the standard and quality of installations without impacting customer budgets

The SAPCA Team

The SAPCA team have decades of experience supporting organisations from across the sports and play construction industry. From events to IT, operations to membership the SAPCA team are here to help you.

  • Chris Trickey

    Chief Executive

  • Colin Corline

    Project Manager

  • Tom Walker

    Communications Manager

  • Ian Beswick

    Events and IT Manager

The board of SAPCA

​The SAPCA board is made up of experts from across the sports and play construction industry, working together to promote excellence and shape standards across the industry.

  • Andy Reed OBE

    SAPCA Chairman

  • Garry Martin

    SAPCA Vice-Chairman

  • Tim Freeman

    Chairman, Tennis Court Division

  • Jason Douglass

    Chairman, Pitch & Track Divisions

  • Alex Talton

    Chairman, Ancillary Contractors Group

  • Paul Langford

    Chairman, Manufacturers & Suppliers Group

  • Neil McHugh

    Chairman, Professional Services Group

  • Bob Edge

    Chairman, Export Group

  • Mark Oakley

    Technical Chairman

  • Richard Hills

    Finance Chairman

  • Michelle Leavesley

    Independent Director

  • Tim Richards

    Independent Director