Adventure playground installation - Playtop Safer Surfacing

Innovative adventure play area at fun-packed Cheshire attraction

Situated in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, the Ice Cream Farm is a fun-packed attraction, offering great play with an invigorating sugar rush.

Playtop Ltd was tasked with installing three of its most popular 3D animals and Playtop Safer Surfacing at the attraction, offering children an opportunity for engaging, collaborative play – and a chance to burn off any extra calories.

The company approached with an innovative design, incorporating an adventure play area with multiple surfaces and bespoke equipment. The project included many discussions and site meetings where advice was provided about application and ground preparation for the surfaces required.

Consultations were provided with the farm about the range of 3D animals and products relevant to the theme of the adventure play area were suggested.

The fun animals installed included a pig, cow and a sleeping farmer and are becoming a must-see attraction in their own right. The surfacing was a mixture of brightly coloured wetpour with bespoke graphics and bonded rubber mulch. The installations blend in with the surrounding area and create a safe, seamless attraction that doubles as a meeting, seating and focal point.

Jonathan Fell, director of The Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire, said: “It’s a very cost effective way of adding a fun theme to a space that also has an element of play. Visually I feel it is totally bespoke. The 3D animals seem very hardwearing and in keeping with the surroundings.

The 3D range of rubber animals and shapes are an entirely new concept in creative play as they engage and stimulate children, putting an element of adventure back into play time. Children can play on, around, behind and between the animals – the very nature of the animals means they are incredibly versatile and encourage children to create inventive playscapes of their very own, using the animals to bring their imagination to life.

Children love to create their own adventures while they play. The 3D Program range of rubber animals and shapes delivers an exciting new playground experience. Not only does it enhance the look and feel of a facility but also creates a greater sense of adventure to feed children’s imagination and make play even more fun.

The new range is fun, entertaining and especially safe, as each shape complies with the European Safety Standard EN1176 and is covered with a high quality rubber surface making it comfortable and safe for children to climb.

Sign of a successful project

The whole installation has been really well received. Feedback has been great, parents and children love them!

Jonathan Fell

Director, The Ice Cream Farm

Project overview

Project type
Adventure play