Fleet Launches Reusable Line Marking System

Fleet Line Markers has recently invested considerably in research and development – resulting in a flurry of new products becoming available for customers. In 2018 alone, Fleet brought three new products to the market – the COG Aline Marker, the latest version of the MAQA Marking System and The Flozle Nozzle spray head.

Perhaps the most exciting new launch was the COG Aline Marker, a revolutionary new system which promises to bring an “entirely new approach to the line marking world”.

The COG Aline Marker has been designed to be environmentally friendly and also eliminate paint wastage. The COG Aline Marking System’s bespoke drums can be used repeatedly, saving money and helping the environment by preventing waste. When the COG drums do eventually reach the end of their re-usable life, Fleet will recycle the COG drums.

Their unique shape and design also means that, during shipping, the COG drums are completely stable – with no more than one strap to hold them, this eliminates single use wrapping and/or plastic pallet covers. In addition to the huge saving on all one-way plastic substituted by the reusable COG drums, Fleet will eliminate 40 to 50 tonnes of packaging per year.

Once fitted on the COG Aline Machine, a single COG drum is enough to mark up to six soccer pitches. When the COG drums are empty, Fleet will arrange collection, at no further charge, and the re-using cycle begins again.

As well as being environmentally friendly, the COG Line Marking System is an extremely clean and convenient system to use. The COG drum is attached to the COG Aline with ease, making spillages a thing of the past.

“Here at Fleet we strive to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Iain McGuffie, managing director.

“The COG System eliminates single use plastics – and each single use plastic drum can contribute up to 6kg of carbon dioxide per drum. In keeping with Fleet’s commitment to the environment our target is to eliminate more than 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next five years.”

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