Private Tennis Court in Chelmsford, Essex

Founded in 1989 by tennis professional John Pearce, Tennis 2000 Ltd specialises in the design, installation and maintaining of tennis courts – but also provides a range of other sports surfaces, such as MUGAs, basketball courts, and football and rugby pitches.

In 2018, the company was appointed to design and construct a synthetic grass tennis court for a private client in Chelmsford, Essex. The project was made challenging by the environment in which the court was to be installed.

One of the main challenges was access to the site, which was complicated by the natural setting – consisting of a stream, a small woodlands area, wooden decking and a large wooden gazebo. While offering a relaxing atmosphere to observe nature, the location placed severe limitations to delivering the materials and equipment needed for the construction of a tennis court.

To allow the work to take place, Tennis 2000 came up with an innovative solution and installed a 10m x 3m temporary access bridge with a 5-tonne load capacity. The bridge allowed materials, plant and machinery to cross the small stream.

Once it had solved the access issue, Tennis 2000 then tackled the client’s brief to design the court in line with the property’s natural theme.

For this, Tennis 2000 opted to use TigerTurf’s Advantage Pro surface in single tone green, creating a match between the surface of the court and its picturesque setting. The court was then surrounded by galvanised forest green fencing to blend in well with the surroundings. The net posts and fencing were also finished in galvanised forest green paint.

The project was completed in eight weeks and the temporary access bridge was deconstructed on completion, leaving only temporary damage to the garden and no damage to the stream.

“We were proud to overcome access issues and be involved in unusual projects which others may consider impossible,” John Pearce Jr. said.

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