Funding Providers

Getting your projects off the ground

How can SAPCA help?

Securing funding for your sports and/or play project can be critical yet challenging. Find out how to access finance opportunities.

What do you need to know?

Before you embark on a project it is important to know realistically how much funding is likely to be available for your project. In some cases, access to finance could be the difference between a project going ahead or not.

By this point you should have an idea of project cost; remember to factor in maintenance of your facility, plus playing surface or equipment into your budget. Funding to help you meet that cost may be available from any one of a number of potential sources depending on the type of project, any potential employment or wider community benefit, location and other factors.

Our funding advisor, Karen Woolland of wctd Ltd, can support you in identifying what funds your project may be eligible to apply for.

We provide a list of current funding opportunities below, which covers capital project funding support currently available for projects in the UK. It does not cover local small trusts and local authority grants. Please note that funding opportunities are constantly changing - we recommend checking with individual funders for the most up to date information.

Any organisation enquiring via the SAPCA website will benefit from a special discount from wctd.