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This is key to finding appropriate applicants. This will also form the basis of your ad’s SEO optimisation, to ensure your advertisement appears in relevant search results and achieves full visibility on platforms such as Google.
A short description to be displayed on the listing page.
If the job location is fixed, be precise. If the role includes travelling, flexibility and home working opportunities, then highlight these benefits (the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the nature of work for good, and many candidates are now seeking remote or hybrid working options).
Information about your organisation and why a candidate would feel excited or compelled to apply for your job opportunity. This can include inspirational factors such as company culture, employee resource groups and charity partnerships, as well as more formal elements such as equality, diversity and gender pay gap statements.
Is this a strategic or hands-on position? Some titles mean different things within different organisations, so it’s a good idea to indicate the seniority of the role. If there is scope for professional development and career progression, make this clear.
An indication of hourly pay, salary bracket or remuneration package is essential, to attract the right candidates to your role. It also helps to set expectations. There is no point in attracting extremely senior applicants to a position that offers mid-range compensation. It also shows that your company has a transparent policy in terms of salary equality
Include the most common benefits and perks, such as annual leave, company car, flexible working and childcare support. These are sometimes more important to job seekers than the salary package.
These should be the key highlights of the role and not a huge list of tasks. The aim is to inspire the right talent to apply for your job opening, and not to weigh them down with minutiae. Once they make the shortlist, that will be the time to discuss the details!
You may wish to state some desirable personal attributes in your ad. If your applicants need to have strong presentation skills, be confident and forward-thinking, or have leadership qualities, then include these criteria in the copy. However, if the successful candidate could potentially be mentored or developed in these areas, then it might be better not to be too specific, as you may limit the number of candidates who apply.
For some roles, there may be mandatory educational, technical or legal requirements. Make sure these are stated, to ensure applicants are of the right calibre from the start. Please put N/A if not required.
Make it clear how candidates should apply. Please provide an name and email address where applications should be sent or provide a link to an external website if applications need to submit onlone.
Jobs are displayed for a maximum of 30 days. If you require an extention to the closing date please email:
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