Is your facility up and running? Correct maintenance can extend the lifespan and keep costs down.

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What do you need to know?

Correct maintenance of any sports or play surface is essential to ensure optimum performance and longevity, which in turn delivers value for money. The same also applies to other aspects of a facility, such as lighting, interiors and equipment.

It is important to understand what maintenance is required across your facility and how often, including what needs to be done by the facility owner or manager, and when professional maintenance specialists might be required. The cost of maintenance equipment and any ongoing maintenance costs should be factored in at the start of any project.

Remember to the follow the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer and/or contractor – especially as this may vary from product to product, even for similar types of surface. It is also useful to keep a log of all maintenance carried out and specialist solutions are available to support facilities in monitoring and managing their maintenance. This may even be a requirement for some surfaces as part of their performance warranty.

How can SAPCA help?

SAPCA has produced of guides which cover the installation and maintenance of a variety of sports facilities and playing surfaces. These documents provide a reference point for facility operators, as well as technical guidance for contractors.

If you need a contractor, our extensive list of verified members includes a choice of trusted of specialist maintenance partners, including dedicated maintenance providers and installation companies with end-to-end maintenance solutions. Browse our membership list for manufacturers and suppliers of maintenance equipment too.

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