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Nature and high performance in sports fields

Amorim Sports develops innovative solutions for cork-based sports fields components, delivering high performance and sustainability over time.

Nature and high performance in sports surfaces

Amorim Sports is a company from Amorim Cork Composites, which specializes in sports surfaces solutions.

Focused on the European market, it aims to be recognized as an innovative player, offering infills and elastic layers made from cork or cork composites, intended for use in sports systems.

Amorim Sports is commited to develop innovative solutions for cork-based sports surfaces, delivering high performance and sustainability over time, trying as its best to optimize conditions for athletes and to bring nature and sustainability to sport industry.

Infill granules – giving back a piece of nature to the artificial turf

As a natural product, granulated cork is a renewable raw material made from the bark of the cork oak from sustainably managed sources. Since 2007, granulated cork has been increasingly used as infill granules in artificial turf systems. The Amorim Sports infills are designed to allow functional suitability, a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility, material durability and multifunctionality.

Amorim Nature are natural cork-based granules for artificial. Amorim cork infill granules contain only high-quality material (and no filler) and are wear-resistant. With Amorim Nature, Amorim Sports simplifies the installation process without compromising on performance.

Amorim Organic is a natural infill for artificial turf, based on cork and olive components in a special processed way and optimized composition. This formulation allows a balanced elasticity (from cork) and a compression resistance (from the olive components), offering as well shock absorption, elasticity, stable strength, durability and heat resistance characteristics.

Elastic layer for artificial turf

Excellent performance is not only determined by the infill granulate or the type of grass, but also by the choice of elastic layer. Amorim Sports has an extensive knowledge about cork and its goal is to develop new materials that fulfil market requirements, the system’s performance and that provide safety and confort for all users.

Made with recycled materials such as rubber or EVA combined with cork, Amorim Sports elastic layers are specifically engineered for use under artificial turf systems and for elite sports at the highest level. These products guarantee uniformity in ball rebound, shock absorption, force reduction, elasticity and other cushioning properties over the lifetime of an installation.

Cork helps the turf to be more elastic and oxygenated. It is the best natural inert material and does not absorb moisture; it simply conserves it on the surface.

Global leaders in Cork

Amorim Sports belongs to Amorim Cork Composites, which is part of Corticeira Amorim. Corticeira Amorim holds a consolidated worldwide leadership position in five main areas: raw materials, cork stoppers, composites, flooring and wall coverings, and insulation.

Amorim Cork Composites adds value to the cork that isn’t used in the cork stoppers industry and to the cork stoppers at the end of their life cycle blending it with other materials from other industries, giving new life to materials that would otherwise be wasted.

Contact details

Barbara Amorim
Rua de Meladas, 260
4535-186 Mozelos VFR
+351 22 747 5300

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