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Carbon8Lighting is long established as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ultra-efficient, precision LED lighting. Our ‘can do’ approach has seen us win orders and awards across an eclectic range of lighting projects. Even in its infancy, Carbon8 was selected to deliver a unique lighting solution for the closing ceremony of The London Olympics, 2012.

Today, Carbon8 lights are installed in and around factories, warehouses, ports and airports, as well as a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, across the UK and Europe. Each of these lighting environments can have individual lighting needs and to cater for this we tailor light fittings to match the exact demands of the specific project. We achieve this through a combination of using different light fittings, electronics and controls, lenses and shielding.

Understanding the specific requirements and demands of sports lighting is key to providing the right solution, and at Carbon8 we understand better than anyone. This explains why you will find our lights illuminating everything from football stadiums and speedway circuits, to bowling greens, tennis courts and hockey pitches. Everything, from local environmental impacts to working with high resolution television cameras, as well as the demands of the activity and regulations of the particular sport, are considered and built into the solution.

As a member of The Lighting Industry Association (LIA), our light fittings are periodically selected for independent random testing and certification. This process gives the reassurance that the fittings meet or exceed all stated performance figures.

At Carbon8Lighting we are not just about fantastic light fittings, we are also about people. Our dedicated team of sales project managers and lighting designers work hand in hand with clients through all stages of the process, from survey and design, through to installation and commissioning. At all times, our attention to detail is unsurpassed, ensuring that we deliver above expectation.

A standard 7-year warranty that is anything but standard, puts our clients at rest and our competition in the dark. Having taken delivery of their new lighting project, and after we have packed up and left them to admire, our clients have the peace of mind that their investment is covered with Carbon8’s Premier Care Warranty. This is the only lighting warranty to include light degradation as a warranty failure. This means that if, at any point during the warranty period, if the light levels fall below those given in the project proposal, we will come and rectify this under warranty.

And what if one of our fittings should fail under warranty? We advance replace the required fitting or parts to site and once exchanged, we will collect the faulty fitting. Additionally, we will pay up to £500+VAT towards the cost of the exchange.

Additional services offered by Carbon8 include lighting audits, light level surveying certification and operating cost reporting. Light level testing can be for anything from periodical testing to a one-off survey to check the validity of an existing installation to meet specific regulatory lighting requirements. Where appropriate, surveys are carried out in accordance with the guidelines provided by the sports governing body, using certified and calibrated testing equipment.

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