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Charterhouse Turf Machinery (part of the Redexim group) manufactures specialist machinery for the maintenance of both natural and synthetic turf. The company is renowned the world over for their deep tine aeration equipment, the original Verti-Drain, now a recognised term for the practice of aerating.

Charterhouse’s range of equipment for use on natural surfaces also includes seeders, overseeders, top dressers and renovation equipment.

Redexim realised the requirement for specialised equipment to maintain synthetic turf and some years ago set about developing a range of products for this application. The range now incorporates machines to carry out all aspects of maintence from regular brushing to the complete removal of infill.

Redexim have specifically designed machinery for the industry; like the very popular Verti-Top®. The Verti-Top utilises a brush and sieve mechanism to lift and separate infill from contaminants in synthetic turf carpets. The foreign material is retained in the machine while the infill is returned to the surface, the machine also benefits from a vacuum system to collect dust and fines.

Recently developed is the SP950 infill machine, designed specifically for infilling smaller areas and able to hold up to 300 litres of material, this machine makes light work of filling areas such as tennis courts and five-a-side areas where the access of larger machines is not possible.

As a progressive, customer focused company; Charterhouse will continue to develop new technologies to enable sports ground managers to get the best out of their playing surface; natural or synthetic.

Registered in England & Wales. Registration No. 1443734

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Mr Curtis Allen
Unit 9
Weydown Industrial Estate
GU27 1DW
01428 661 222

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