CopriSystems Ltd

Principal Contractor

Approved for the construction of Padel Courts, Indoor Structures for Pitches and Tennis Courts

CopriSystems specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of framed fabric sports halls and can act as Principal Contractor under the CDM Regulations in turnkey projects in the sports & leisure field. PadelSystems has recently been launched as part of the CopriSystems family, with a dedicated team of enthusiasts to specifically address the rapid growth of this sport and the increasing demand for exclusive padel facility development.

For steel framed structures, we use a unique patented steel section which minimises production costs by precluding the need for brackets giving a neat and elegant appearance. Sections are rolled to give a perfect rounded shape which enables even tensioning of the fabric cover, increasing longevity. This design has the added benefit of minimising the effect of condensation inside the cover. Steel is hot-dip galvanised to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. Standard radius sections are used to give spans, as required, from 12m to 50m, with lengths as necessary, enabling most sports activities to be undertaken.

We also produce laminated wood frames giving the same characteristics but a warmer and friendlier appearance. This feature further minimises the incidence of condensation.

Frame designs reduce wind resistance and conform with BS6399 (Building Regulations – snow & wind loadings). Covers are manufactured in one piece from heavy duty flame retardent PVC-coated polyester fabric tested to BS5438 and are expected to last for 20 years or more. A second skin incorporated into the cover at manufacture and inflated by electric fans is available giving greatly increased insulation properties.

Full length sliding side curtains are supplied as standard to both sides. This feature has a real benefit in allowing an airflow over the playing area making it a pleasure to play inside in hot weather while allowing some movement of air in damp conditions to further minimise the incidence of condensation. We also offer a sliding door design in place of the curtains which offers greater security against vandal damage whilst giving the same advantages as the curtains. Sliding curtains or panels can also be supplied for the ends.

Designs can be adapted to suit planning restrictions where visual impact is important. Electrically operated telescopic versions of both steel and wood structures allow the playing area to be completely covered or uncovered in a minute.

Registered in England & Wales. Registration No. 2350205

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Mr Rafe Colenso
01380 830 697

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