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Fermacell is a leading gypsum fibre board producer that first started in Germany in 1971, and has been sold in the UK & Ireland since 1989.

Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard is used extensively in leisure facilities and sport halls, and is known for its’ application in demanding specifications as a one board solution. Due to the composition of the board, fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard combines high levels of fire resistance, acoustic performance, moisture resistance and impact strength. Fermacell drywall systems achieve a number of advantages over blockwork by reducing the weight, build time and cost often associated with blockwork construction. Fermacell systems are impact resistant, low in maintenance and highly durable.

Fermacell promotes sustainable design and as such, the product and its manufacturing process, have been awarded the coeted Rosenheim Insitute of Construction Biology and Ecology Certificate and the Low Emissions Product Eco Certificate. Fermacell Gypsum Fibrebords are made up of gypsum and cellulose paper fibres, which are mixed with water and pressed into stable boards, then dried and cut to size. All by products are fed back into the production cycle.

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