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Located in Ipswich and dating back to its founding in 1912, by architect Harold Ridley Hooper, Hoopers Architects proactively seek a clientele base that resonates with our commitment to crafting designs driven by considered interrogation, collaboration and credible conceptual innovation with defined vision and economic parameters. Our particular interest and expertise lies in collaborating with individuals and organisations who share a passion for engaging in the complexities of the design process to seek higher value outcomes for all.

We have years of experience working with private and public sector clients on projects providing sports and play facilities; sports halls, gyms and external sports enclosures/spaces, MUGA’s and hard play surfaces. This is complimented with decades of work with Ipswich Town Football Club which has recently taken a fresh and exciting sense of direction with the new owners vision. Our development of a stadium “Digital Twin” allows collaboration on any project to be undertaken at a significantly higher level in support of highly efficient and informed decision making processes to support our clients consideration of financial investment whilst enhancing the quality of the facilities together with supporter and community experience. We support and lead the delivery of these service at pace and within clearly defined timescales in collaboration with other Design Team consultants throughout the RIBA Work Stages (0-7)

This relationship has extended into collaboration with Ipswich Town Football Foundation allowing us to support the club deliver essential Social Value benefits.

Our curiosity and energy to learn and explore is exemplified through our own internal R&D (Research and Development) projects. Typical is our research exploring how an increasing leisure and sport facilities can be accommodated at a coastline location to support an increase in health and well being whilst boosting local economy.

In addition, our work as a successful supplier for the National NHS SBS Framework Agreement allows us to supporting stakeholder needs within the healthcare and community biosphere. Typically, our work is based on nurturing and stimulating spatial environments which can contribute in providing positive outcomes in mental health and well-being.

We see this approach permeating through all our work spanning a diverse range of sectors and scales; encompassing sports stadiums within the Championship to Step 3 Clubs within the football pyramid, to Local Education Authorities, NHS Trusts/healthcare, ResidentialHousing Developers, Local Authorities Community Workshops, and Historic Buildings. This diverse work portfolio allows us to draw from a wide range of experiences to better benefit clients and projects across any number of perspectives in either urban, suburban, or rural settings.

We are ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited and are current seeking ISO 45001. We also Construction-line Gold certified.

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Craig Driver
3 Cromwell Court
St Peters Street
01473 212646

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