JUTA a.s.

Manufacturer & Supplier

JUTA are a Czech company with a long-standing history of over 70 years being at the forefront in innovation and manufacturing.

With 18 production plants, we are leaders in a number of industries including construction, packaging and agriculture and now showcasing our ability in the synthetic turf market.

We are truly unique in that our manufacturing ability extends to all components of the turf we bring to the market. The whole “under one roof” process from yarn extrusion through to applying the latex backing is all completed within our facilities. We are thus able to provide direct to our partners and clients high quality products with custom-tailored yarn, colour, texture and rolls dimensions.

Due to our unique position, we are truly able to ensure cost effective and quality products for landscaping and sports markets: football, rugby, field hockey, MUGA etc.

Our products from yarn extrusion through to finished surfaces are developed and tested to ensure that they match the rigid requirements for the various sports governing bodies and European safety and quality standards: FIFA (licensed producer), EN, WR, FIH, ITF, NF, Nordic, FEP.

Since 2009 we have delivered up to 1000 full size pitches worldwide, have repeatedly been a proud partner for Agility Worlds and Crufts surface supplier.

We are committed to long term performance and value for money, offering support and technical assistance at all stages of your project.

Registered in the Czech Republic
Registration Number 45534187

Contact details

Mr. Jan Bělina
JUTA a.s. - divison synthetic turf
Na Borkách 89
544 01 Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Czech Republic
+420 725 423 344

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