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At Lumosa, we believe in an electrically powered future. A future where every kWh is used to its maximum potential, without emissions or waste. We want to contribute to that today. With smart solutions that always represent a big step forward – in
consumption, performance and service life. We do this based on the conviction that every lamppost and every charging station counts. LED by LED, we are making the world a little better.

The time for dreaming is over, sustainability is mainly a matter of doing. We have all the expertise to actually make a difference. We have specialists in mechanics, electronics and software and make everything ourselves. We do that the Lumosa
way: superior quality, premium service, future-oriented, open connection with other devices and systems, and always as sustainable as possible. Straight from the technological heart of the Netherlands.

We use our knowledge and experience to channel energy in the right direction.Everything we make connects, with our software as the binding force. Lumosa Touch is a smart application that is prepared for future features and applications. An app that is ready for an ecosystem in which everything works together. Reduce burning hours through smart control. With LumosaTouch, we make sustainable energy use easy. After all, why light up your entire sports park or court if you only need part of it? Exactly. That’s what we thought. Take control of your LED lighting and save energy at the same time! The intelligent software offers optimum ease of use and userfriendliness to sports clubs, companies and organisations around the world. You can save a lot of energy and money with little effort.

“Lumosa’s sustainable and state-of-the-art LED solution contributes to the sustainability task of sports clubs in general and HC Tilburg in particular” – HC Tilburg President

In addition to safety, quality & service are always paramount. That’s why we have an energetic Quality Control (QC) team to keep everything running smoothly. What’s more, we have all the expertise in house to actually make a difference. With specialists in mechanics, electronics and software, we make everything ourselves, from A to Z.

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Hans Sanders
3 Wards Court
203 Ecclesall Road
S11 8HW
0114 395 0920

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