Neuff Athletic Equipment

Manufacturer & Supplier

If you are the best, buy from the best. We began business life in 1966 arising from a specialist equipment need, so are the longest established track and field equipment supplier in the UK, hold the widest range of athletics products and pride ourselves on supporting athletes to achieve their potential by using the best and most cost-effective equipment for their needs.

We have exceptional experience in track and field athletics, gained through coaching, officiating and administrating athletics at all levels from, primary and secondary school, club and national or international athletic events. We will discuss your needs and advise you on buying, maintaining and repairing the most appropriate equipment.

We source some equipment from the world’s most reliable implement manufacturers and we also have our own manufactured specialist items which we supply worldwide. We are both authors and publishers of athletics coaching books for British athletics and schools.

Neuff Athletic Equipment both make and supply athletics equipment to IAAF specifications (including approved products where appropriate), International Paralympic specifications, and UK Athletics specifications. Since 1992, we have supplied Olympics, Paralympics and World Championships right up to date with the World Indoor championships in 2018.

We supply athletics equipment for training, coaching and officiating to all levels. We deal purely with track and field athletics equipment but other sports have discovered that much of our training equipment is appropriate to their needs.

We equipment for individual athletes, clubs, and events as well as providing installations for tracks, schools and stadia, including:

  • Hammer Cages
  • High Jump and Polevault landing areas
  • Discus Circles

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Registered in England & Wales. Registration No. 6306211

Contact details

Mrs Sara Cunningham-Neuff
3 Abbots Close
Lee Mill Industrial Estate
PL21 9GA
01752 893742

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We are the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. All of our members go through a strict checking process:

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