Orange Padel International

Padel Court Manufacturer

Innovative and leading padel court manufacturer. We combine the Mexican roots of the padel sport with the state-of-the-art Dutch technology and engineering qualities, with almost 25 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, engineering and sales of padel courts.

We design, produce, distribute padel courts for our clients all over the world to meet all their individual demands, Our courts are built to last and withstand the most severe weather conditions.

The Orange Padel courts are the new standard in the world of padel, engineered for optimal playing comfort, reinforced structures for extended life cycle, low maintenance combined with fast an easy installation process.

All our courts are produced according to the standards of the Spanish and international padel federation and are in compliance with the World Padel Tour guidelines. Only the highest quality of raw materials is used which reflects in highest quality standard among padel court producers. Our padel courts meets the highest European EN and DIN norms for the structure, anti-corrosion, glass, artificial grass and lighting systems.

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Registered in The Netherlands. Registration No. 85320420

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Dick Lambregts
Slotlaan 35
The Netherlands

Raising the standards for sports facility projects

We are the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. All of our members go through a strict checking process:

  • Strict Admission Criteria
  • Standards of Construction
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Technical Mediation
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