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Playtop Licensing Limited is responsible for marketing and licensing the Playtop brand around the world.

Playtop is unique. Not only is it making playgrounds and walkways safer around the world, but it is doing so using recycled truck tyres and sports shoes. Combining superior construction and design with up to 91% recycled content, Playtop is providing the next generation of safer, resilient wet-pour surfacing. The Playtop range includes:

  • Impact-absorbing, safer surfacing to protect children from injury in play areas.
  • Noise-reducing, absorbent surfacing for walkways, paths and pitch surrounds where cushioning and slip-resistance are important.
  • Playtop Street – a unique concept in interactive surfacing. An oval outdoor play area containing 12 satellites set into Playtop safer surfacing that physically and mentally stimulates individuals or groups of children and adults – from the age of one to 101!
  • Playtop Spheres in a variety of sizes for an added dimension to any play area.
  • Playtop 3D rubber animals and shapes for an exciting new playground experience.

More than 39 years of play surfacing invention, investment and innovation. Since 1977, Playtop has been committed to making playgrounds safer and protecting children as they play. Its philosophy has always been one of designing superior products, manufacturing them using only the best raw (and recycled) materials and installing them with great skill and expertise. Playtop Licensing is also a global partner of Nike, incorporating recycled sports shoes in the form of Nike Grind into its products.

From one small playground just under 40 years ago to two million square metres installed in over 50 countries, Playtop is now the trusted name for safer surfacing across the world.

Registered in England & Wales. Registration No. 3101410

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Mr Thomas Møller-Nielsen
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01636 642461
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Tel: +45 66 11 42 82

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