Re-Match Turf Recycling

Manufacturer & Supplier

Leading recycler of end-of-life artificial turf.

Based in Herning, Denmark Re-Match has established the most comprehensive recycling process whereby sleeved rolls of artificial turf, including any infill, are fully recycled. The outcome of the recycling process after downsizing, drying and separation of the components is clean fibres, rubber, sand and backing. These products are then thoroughly tested in order to be re-introduced back into the sports surfacing markets wherever possible. Should some of the products not be deemed suitable for re-use in sports installations they are instead used in other applications such as sand blasting, mat manufacture, wheel manufacture, etc.

This gives a 95%+ recycling and re-use figure which means the turf and all of its constituents avoid the ever increasing costs of landfill and, of course, gives a much more environmentally acceptable route for end of life turf. This “closed loop” system also avoids the re-purposing of turf offcuts which purely delays the inevitable disposal requirement.

Re-Match continues to expand into other countries and now have a second of our facilities in The Netherlands.

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Contact details

Christian Ørum
HI-Park 415
7400 Herning
+45 77 34 67 34

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