Artificial Grass that Improves Air Quality

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Sports & Leisure Group NV have announced an exclusive and worldwide partnership with Nanoair Solutions – PURETi to improve air quality with its artificial grass.

PURETi, is a product that improves air quality by breaking down nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulphur oxides (SOX) and volatile organic components (VOC). NOX and VOC are harmful substances mainly from traffic, industry and agriculture. Nitrogen compounds also threaten the biodiversity of nature reserves. In addition, NOX and VOC form an important part of particulate matter, which, according to research by the WHO (World Health Organization), is responsible for 7 million deaths worldwide every year.

PURETi is a photocatalytic nanotechnology that, once activated by UV or sunlight, starts a chemical process that uses oxygen (O2) and humidity (H20) in the ambient air to generate Hydroxyl radicals (OH-) and Superoxide-anions (O2-). These are powerful cleaning agents that convert air-polluting molecules such as NOX, SOX and VOCs into harmless components.

It is the only photocatalytic product tested with success in the consortium of ISCAPE, the ambitious European Horizon 2020 project that aims to reduce the ecological footprint of European cities and improve air quality. By integrating PURETi to the production process of artificial grass, Sports & Leisure Group NV is able to reduce NOX by 70%.

Research shows that an artificial grass football pitch powered by PURETi neutralizes 188 kg NOX per year and that the air-purifying effect increases with surface area. This corresponds to the NOX emission of +- 200 Euro 5 cars that run 20 km a day for a year. The air purifying effect of 1m² artificial grass is also comparable with 1 mature tree towards NOX and VOC degradation. Consequently, a PURETi-treated football field of 8,000 m² can be considered the equivalent of 8,000 mature trees, which corresponds to a forest of approximately 20 hectares.

This ground breaking innovation improves air quality and reduces the health problems of both players and the environment. In addition to the air-purifying effect, the artificial grass treated with PURETi also destroys fungi, algae and mould, kills all bacteria such as E. coli / Staphylococcus aureus and reduces bad odours.

PURETi has already proven itself in various industries such as public transport, construction, medical world (operating rooms & cleanrooms) and is a “Dual Technology Partner” of NASA, Google, Apple, HP and Tesla.

From now on PURETi is also available worldwide exclusively in the artificial grass of Sports & Leisure Group NV under the brands Domo® Sports Grass, FUNgrass and Namgrass.

For more information on Domo Sports Grass, please click [here]