Award-winning Technology from SIS Pitches is Revolutionising the Golf and Cricket Markets

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SISGrass patented fibre injection technology produces one of the most technologically advanced sports surface in the world. This innovative hybrid technology has been uniquely developed for use in golf and cricket surfaces and is already installed at a number of prestigious golf clubs including; The St Andrews, The Grove, Wentworth and The Vale, as well as cricket grounds, Lord’s, The Oval and ECB National Cricket Performance Centre.

SISGrass Universal machines are 100% electric which makes them versatile and able to negotiate around any golf course or confined area. The machines offer bespoke installation, at different depths and spacings to create the best quality hybrid cricket and golf surfaces in the industry.

The advanced SISGrass turf reinforcement system increases surface stability, allowing more playing hours in comparison to 100% natural grass, increased facility usage and faster surface recovery in high wear areas such as golf tees, cricket wickets and linesman’s runs.

SISGrass Universal machines can install both SISGrass and SISGrass Lite with both products providing a high-performing hybrid playing surface depending on the requirements and budget of the project. SISGrass has fibres stitched at a depth of 18cm, with 2cm of fibre above the surface; whereas SISGrass Lite has been designed to be installed into shallower, only partly constructed sports surface profiles with fibres stitched at a depth of 9cm, with 1cm of fibre above the surface.

James Braithwaite, Golf Course Manager at Long Ashton Golf Club said: “Since being stitched with SISGrass, the tee on the par 3 13th at Long Ashton has seen improved surface consistency and stability. Surface damage is reduced through play, extending the usage and improving recovery time with less repair work. The SISGrass fibres blend naturally into the grass sward, improving the appearance of the tee after usage.”

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