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Raising the standards for sports facility projects

We are the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. All of our members go through a strict checking process:

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The ongoing need for building, extending and improving educational establishments is creating new opportunities for top class education flooring solutions says Navjot Dhillon, Marketing Manager, Gerflor Limited.

As the population grows, the Office of National Statistics predicts that the number of state school places needed could rise by 1 million in less than ten years. Secondary school numbers are forecast to rise to 3.3 million pupils in England by 2024, along with 4.7 million pupils attending primary schools.

Unsurprisingly, educational buildings of modular design are a growing sector. With classrooms pre-fabricated off site using specialist materials under controlled conditions, production is considered to be streamlined and some students have been able to move into new schools or extensions to existing schools more quickly.

Dedicated floorings for education are therefore fit-for-purpose and ready to meet the challenges and changing needs of the many different educational establishments ranging from nurseries to higher education.

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