Edinburgh Charity Opts for Gerflor Flooring Solutions

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When a health and wellbeing charity needed a new purpose-built building, it also required flooring for its gym and meeting rooms that would contribute to the overall aesthetics and functions of the facility and accommodate the needs of those who use it.

Thistle’s Centre of Wellbeing in Edinburgh replaced a former and no longer fit-for-purpose facility with a more welcoming building rotated 90 degrees to face a different aspect. Located within a designated Conservation Area and in attractive surroundings, the new Centre has received an overwhelmingly positive response from those who visit it and gym footfall has risen by as much as 80%. In the past year, 23,800 people have visited the Centre of Wellbeing for a consultation, Tai Chi or mindfulness class, for a social meet-up and a cup of coffee or to use the gym.

Thistle’s Centre of Wellbeing wanted flooring that coupled function and style. The flooring for the gym and meeting rooms were specified by the project architect and provided by international vinyl flooring specialist, Gerflor Limited.

The main challenge of the building was making sure it worked for people who may be living with a wide range of health conditions. Many people who visit the Centre of Wellbeing use wheelchairs or other mobility support so the flooring has to tolerate significant wear and tear.

For people with motor neuron conditions and visual impairments, contrasts in colour and texture of flooring can be problematic so even-character, light and non-glossy finishes are critical. And for those with autism the finishes need to be warm and homely with only small dashes of colour in furnishings to achieve a decorative balance that helps people to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

It was Gerflor’s Taraflex® Evolution in Wood Oak that satisfied Thistle’s clear brief for a attractive, comfortable, hygienic, durable, easy-maintenance gym flooring. It also fulfilled the requirements for a product that could contribute to the warm, welcoming and friendly aesthetic. Whereas, R10 slip resistant, 19 db sound rated Taralay Impression Comfort in Blade Clear had the right combination of features for the rooms where Thistle’s lifestyle management courses are delivered.

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