FIFA Artificial Turf Manual Updates, Laboratory Products

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Sports Labs’ Laboratory Director Sean Ramsay and Laboratory Manager Craig Melrose will be on hand to present and discuss the FIFA changes to the manual for Lab products. You are invited to raise your questions during the live Q & A that follows.

Friday 10 July, 12.00 – 12.45.

To register, email with the subject line: WEBINAR


Test Methods main changes:

  • Yarn UV requirements
  • Tuft withdrawal requirements
  • Tensile strength for yarns now called Peak breakage Force

Smaller updates/amendments to existing test methods:

  • Light Weight Rotational Resistance Test Method update (better wording and specifications)
  • Securisport (skin abrasion and skin friction): more detailed step by step test Method
  • Use of 2nd derivative to determine peaks on DSCs
  • Detex expression of results by detailing the number of yarns in the tufts
  • Yarn Thickness: change of the Figure 63: (depth and width)

New field test category

  • FIFA Test Method 27 : Minimising infill migration into the environment – field design

To register, email with the subject line: WEBINAR