International Hockey Federation Adds Sports Lighting to its FIH Quality Programme

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The International Hockey Federation’s FIH Quality Programme was first launched in 2015 to help national associations, clubs and other hockey providers develop better facilities and raise the overall standard of the sport’s venue infrastructure.

With an initial focus on the playing surfaces, the programme has since expanded to include a range of field and sports equipment.

Most recently, the FIH added sports lighting for outdoor hockey fields to the programme. FIH says the expansion – called FIH Approved – is a natural progression for a sport that aspires to high levels of professionalism across all levels of the game.

“FIH Approved lighting systems will have to comply with the FIH lighting standards – of which there are five depending on the level of hockey being played – and also use components that comply with demanding internationally recognised quality standards,” FIH says.

Under the new system, all FIH Certified Lighting Suppliers must satisfy a set of stringent criteria – including a proven ability to light hockey fields, in-house quality management procedures and the provision of long-term warranties on their lighting systems.

In November 2021, SAPCA member Midstream Lighting became the first company to be awarded the status of FIH Certified Lighting Supplier. Since then, the company has installed six lighting systems at six hockey clubs that have been tested and are now certified by the FIH.

For more about Midstream Lighting, please click here.