It's Rainbows all the Way for Fleet (Line Markers)

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About four weeks ago, Fleet (Line Markers) Limited was asked by Julie Wills, the Head Teacher of Upton Upon Severn Primary School, if they could paint a large rainbow on their playing field in support of all the Key Workers.

Of course, Iain Courage, International Sales Director at Fleet (Line Markers), said “Yes, it’ll be a pleasure!”. So along with his colleague, Chris Bridges, he set about creating a beautiful rainbow on Upton Upon Severn Primary School’s playing field.

The end result was amazing and was reported by BBC Hereford & Worcester and appeared on BBC Midlands Today TV at teatime.

A couple of weeks later, Malvern Community Hospital asked if Fleet (Line Markers) could paint another rainbow outside the reception of the Hospital, on grass. So again, Chris and Iain set about creating a smaller rainbow outside the Hospital. This is still bringing smiles to the faces of staff as they enter and leave the hospital.

Whilst being interviewed by Justyn Surrall of BBC Hereford & Worcester after the second rainbow, Justyn jokingly said to Iain “Maybe we’ll have a competition to see who can do the biggest rainbow”.

This stuck in Iain’s mind for a couple of weeks. He then called Malvern Rugby Club to check they would be okay with Fleet (Line Markers) painting a rainbow, the full length of the 1st XV PITCH from try line to try line……100 metres in length! The Club were extremely excited about the whole idea.

This rainbow needed to be different to the other two, which it certainly would be due to its size. Chris reminded Iain about VE DAY on the 8 May, so with this is mind, they thought they would make it a tribute to all the Key Workers as well as remembering VE DAY.

The end result has been particularly well received. It has made the National News channels, as well as Regional News. It has appeared as far afield as New Zealand on their National News as well as many countries across Europe.

As well as being 100 metres from one end to the other, below the arc of the rainbow was the VE DAY logo set on top of a Union Jack Flag. Fleet (Line Markers) MAQA GNSS system was used to plot the Flag, their BeamRider Laser System was used for the VE DAY logo and it was back to basics using a tape measure and straight edges for the lettering etc. The numbers 7 and 5 on the VE DAY logo were 6 metres in height, the VE DAY letters were 4 metres high and the rest of the text at about 1.3 metres. Each colour of the rainbow was 2.5 metres in width. If you walked around the red arc of the rainbow, the distance would be around 157 metres!

It took about three days for Chris, Ali S, Adam and Iain to get this “small project” painted in (Iain roped in his son for half a day and Ali M was roped in for a few hours as well to fly the drone for videos and pictures. All socially distancing of course).

Fleet (Line Markers) would like to thank everyone involved in the rainbow projects and give them a big pat on the back.

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