Little Clacton Tennis Club Celebrates 70th Birthday with Major Upgrade

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SAPCA’s mission to help people make better choices throughout their sports and play construction journeys isn’t just about delivering high quality facilities. It’s also about promoting collaboration and innovation to future-proof sporting venues for the communities that benefit from them. Increasingly, issues such as access, environmental concerns and demand for all-year, all-weather play are influencing the way in which sports clubs design, upgrade and protect their venues.

Little Clacton Tennis Club in Essex has recently completed a major state-of-the-art upgrade, including four brand new asphalt tennis courts from SAPCA member ETC Sports Surfaces, an eco-friendly clubhouse, renewable energy floodlighting and enhanced disability and vehicle access. The £500K project is the culmination of twelve years of hard work by the club’s committee members, who have remained determined to breathe new life into a club that was, only a few years ago, at risk of folding completely.

ETC Sports Surfaces were charged with the design and installation of four new asphalt hard tennis courts, with the project brief focusing on quality and sustainability as top priorities. “ETC’s asphalt tennis surface solution complied with SAPCA specifications, and they liaised directly with our LTA representative to attain the highest standards of workmanship,” says Club Secretary, John Russel. “Having experienced previous problems with clay-heave on our old courts, we were seeking a robust sub-base, supported by a belt and braces drainage system. Planning conditions also stipulated that our new facility should include eco-friendly technology, including state-of-the-art LED floodlights and renewable energy sources to run our new pavilion. Plus, we needed to ensure increased player accessibility, a strict planting regime to soften the hard finishes, a fully surfaced car park, maintenance and emergency vehicle access and a 3.6 metre permanent screening to protect the privacy of adjoining residential properties.”

Funded by the sale of a section of the club’s land to developers, this major facilities overhaul has resulted not just in much needed new housing, but also in a new lease of life and booming membership for the club itself, according to John. “By allowing a section of our land to be sold, the planners opened the door for a privately-funded locally-based resource that is still cheap for local people to use,” he explains. “Plus, it has left us financially secure for the next twenty years. Despite the complex challenges of this project – not least adverse weather, which halted the works schedule for six weeks – ETC Sports Surfaces delivered all requirements on target. That’s testament to the efficient, well organised and professional service that they provide.”

May 2019 saw Little Clacton Tennis Club unveil the final stage of the upgrade – a new, eco-friendly clubhouse that meets national standards with its use of renewable energy. This is a prime example of cooperation between customer, contractor and local authority to deliver cutting edge facilities that are set to stand the test of time – all guided by SAPCA’s overarching quality and specification standards. We are delighted to see the results of these combined efforts, and we wish Little Clacton Tennis Club and its members many years of tennis enjoyment ahead!

For more information on ETC Sports Surfaces Ltd, please click [here].