London Tennis Club Lights Up with Innovative Energy Saving LED Floodlights

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As outdoor sports facilities begin to open following the COVID 19 lockdown, it is great to hear plenty of positive news from our members. It has been the toughest of times for all of us, but sports venues have been working hard to turn negatives into positives. The feedback coming into SAPCA shows that players will have much to look forward to as they start to hit the courts and pitches again!

One such example has just reached us in the form of news from Our Lady of Muswell Lawn Tennis Club. As part of a year on year upgrade programme, the club recently installed the award-winning Tweener® Tennis Court LED lighting system. Used on more than 250 European courts, Tweener’s patented technology allows tennis facilities to deliver superior lighting conditions with reduced running costs and energy consumption.

Steeped in history, Our Lady of Muswell Lawn Tennis Club survived the blitz and a devastating fire in the 1940s, leading to a major rebuild in the 1950s and 60s. It then began a programme of new upgrades in 2005, funded by the LTA and delivered by a SAPCA member, ETC Sports Surfaces Limited. In 2019 – it’s 77th year – the club continued it’s upgrade works with the resurfacing of two outdoor tennis courts, bringing all of their five courts up to 21st century standards. The installation of Tweener® on their single enclosed court has further added to the club portfolio with outstanding visibility no matter where you are on court. It also features “plug and play” installation that needs no structural works with the lighting strips fixed directly to the court surround fence rendering the lighting strips barely visible by day.

At Our Lady of Muswell, the Tweener® was installed in just two days by the ETC Sports team – and at less cost and considerably less disruption than traditional systems. Those savings will continue to benefit the club, as Tweener’s low energy LED technology provides an environmentally friendly solution that is cheaper to run than conventional lighting systems.

The project has won five-star reviews from Our Lady of Muswell LTC. Brenda Stewart the Club Committee Chairman says, “We are amazed at how effective the lights are. They save time as play can start immediately when they are switched on with no warm-up period. The members love them and say that the lighting is far superior to our existing column mounted floodlights. They now prefer to play on Court 5, even though it is further away from the clubhouse.”

Find out more about ETC Sports Surfaces here.