Midstream Lighting Webinar - Heat is the Enemy

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Webinar – Wednesday 18 Novemeber 2020

Heat is the Enemy: 5 key considerations when using high-power LED Lighting in high heat environments

Heat is the number 1 enemy when it comes to high-power LED lighting, so what do you do when your lighting project is in an environment where high temperatures are the norm? Whether working in the Middle East or Africa, Southern Europe or Asia, heat is a constant factor, and if you don’t consider this when completing your lighting projects you are destined to fail. Having undertaken projects around the globe we know better than anyone the considerations you must take when looking at lighting solutions in these environments.

Join our Midstream’s Technical Director, Paolo Corno, as he discusses the top 5 considerations you must take when planning, designing and implementing high power LED lighting solutions in high heat environments. Whether an airport, port or sports facility the issues and concerns are all the same as the environment is something you can’t simply adjust. Sign up below to join live and take part in the open Q&A

Target Audience: Partners and End Users – Maritime, Sports and Aviation

Presenter: Paolo Corno, Technical Director, Midstream Lighting

Host: Michael Short, Head of Marketing, Midstream Lighting

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