Mipolam Symbioz™ a Sustainable Future Proof Flooring for Hardworking Places

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Selecting environmentally conscious flooring products amidst the vast array of sustainable flooring options can be a daunting task. With the market for sustainable flooring growing at a steady pace, it’s important for designers and specifiers to select sustainable flooring products that are both modern and contemporary and deliver an outstanding degree of performance with minimal impact on the environment.

Gerflor is an international flooring specialist who is leading a green revolution, with the manufacture of aesthetically pleasing products that meet eco-challenges head-on by using increased renewable organic raw materials, which in turn lower the environmental impact at every stage of a product’s life.

The Mipolam Symbioz™ homogenous range, is the company’s first flooring to contain a 100% bio-based plasticiser made of corn and wheat.

The range now includes 38 stunning colours overall, with 14 brand new colours supplementing Mipolam Symbioz™ and a further 7 added to the new Mipolam Symbioz™ Nova collection (with a rubber appearance). The colour palette across the two complementary designs allows designers to specify creative flooring solutions for a vast selection of hardworking applications and markets. The products are perfect for those projects where there is a need for clear delimitation of areas.

The variety of new colours offer a clean, aesthetic design approach perfectly suited to a multitude of education and health environments. Mipolam Symbioz™ is an ideal choice for schools and nursery groups with huge benefits for indoor play areas, corridors, restaurants and nurseries.

Mipolam Symbioz™ already has an outstanding reputation for its performance in education and health buildings across the world. In addition to these attributes, the range is highly flexible, easy to weld and easy to cove and cut when installing which is great news for those projects that need to be completed in a short time frame.

Nav Dhillon, Marketing Manager, Gerflor UK commented: “The refreshed palette of colours now on offer with Mipolam Symbioz™ and the new Mipolam Symbioz™ Nova collection is aimed at giving designers more freedom to creatively express themselves, whilst at the same time delivering outstanding performance that is synonymous with our Mipolam range of products.”

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