New Multi-Sport Space for Cults Primary School

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DYNAMIK say they are proud to announce the completion of their latest project at Cults Primary School in Aberdeen.

For this project, they installed DYNAMIK ‘Flexi-Beam Plus’ finished in a solid non-foam backed Tarkett surface with a beech wood effect.

DYNAMIK’s internal design team created a bespoke court, working with the architect and school, to create a special multi-sport space for all to enjoy. And so, incorporated within this space were 4 x Mini-Tennis courts, 4 x Badminton courts, 1 x Basketball court, 1 x Netball Court, 1 x Volleyball Court, 1 x Five-a-Side Ds & Spots.

By using Tarkett solid sport vinyl, the playing surface has a very high resistance to indentation and can be used with tables and chairs without requiring surface protection.

The sprung system meets the ESFA requirements for multi-use activity areas which now need to be sprung A3/A4 systems finished in solid (non-foam backed) playing surfaces.

To download further information on the latest ESFA outline specification, for schools, please click here.

For more about DYNAMIK, please click here.