OxyShot® helps Air2Root Reach New Depths in the Fight Against Compaction

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Air2Root Turfcare Limited pride themselves on using market leading machinery to bring a ‘breath of fresh air’ to compacted sports surfaces in and around the West Midlands. The latest weapon in their armoury is an OxyShot® from Charterhouse Turf Machinery which, with enhanced manoeuvrability and air-injection down to 500mm (20″), is helping them to shatter compaction easier and deeper in the profile than ever before.

“We first saw the OxyShot® at a demonstration event with Charlies Groundcare last year and it impressed us straight away” explains Air2Root Director Kevin Moult. “Aeration continues to be recognised as one of, if not the most, important operation we can do which not only enhances growth but improves all elements of turf management – this combined with the increasingly unpredictable wet weather patterns means that we are seeing demand that warranted us to take delivery of our own unit earlier in the year.”

The OxyShot® uses a single 25mm probe to inject air into the soil in four directions, at a pressure of up to 110psi and to a maximum depth of 500mm (20″). It can also be fitted with an optional 14mm probe, to reduce the working depth to 250mm. “The OxyShot® penetrates much deeper than any of our other air-injection machinery and gives us a more user-friendly, and less labour-intensive, tool to deliver spot treatments in restricted access locations.”

Together with use on cricket outfields, football and rugby pitches, Kevin also notes the demand for the OxyShot® to deliver targeted air-injection around trees on golf courses and estates. “Our goal is to help things grow better – whether that’s turf or woodland. An established tree may need some extra help getting air down to the roots so with a 30m air-line between the tractor and the OxyShot®, we can access tight spaces and inject the air exactly where it is needed with minimal effort and maximum results.”

“Complimenting other forms of aeration, we are looking forward to putting the OxyShot® through its paces as we head into the autumn and winter months” Kevin concludes.