Play Innovation launches Corner Skills to fully utilise all MUGAs and ball courts

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Play Innovation has launched a revolutionary new range of target games designed to make use of every corner and inch in every MUGA (multi-use games area) and ball court.

The engaging Corner Skills games have been designed to utilise all available space, such as corners and other “dead spaces”, within play areas and ballcourts. Featuring noughts and crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe) target board and a cricket panel with a wicket and numbered targets, the games will encourage children to get active in creative ways. Created in collaboration with sports coaches and young people themselves, the games will inspire children to be physically active and also encourage them to use their imagination to create their own versions of how to play the games.

The panels can be easily installed to almost any corner and they sit at 2400mm high x 400mm wide. Like all Play Innovation commercial-grade games, they are manufactured from low noise, heavy duty, recyclable HDPE materials designed for harsh external environments – as low maintenance requirements are an important feature for the games.

The Corner Skills also have replaceable targets, which negate the unlikely event of vandalism.

Play Innovation was set up to tackle inactivity in children, young people and adults and has, since its foundation in 2010, developed more than a dozen patented games designed to accessorise and revolutionise MUGAs, ball courts and PlayZones, encouraging more people – young and old – to enjoy moving more.

Marco Boi, founder and creator of Play Innovation, says: “Each year, local authorities across the UK spend significant amounts of money on creating Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) – in essence, rectangular, fenced boxes. But while the intended outcome is great – providing community spaces in which lots of different activities can take place – it is, sadly, seldom achieved. The reality is that most MUGAs end up being used for two sports (basketball or football) by one demographic (teenage boys).

“Here at Play Innovation, we like to do things differently and we love thinking outside of the (rectangle) boxes.

“We spend time listening to the communities we work in and visit and speak to people from ALL walks of life. And it’s here, when we listen, where we are most creative and innovative. We take on board people’s thoughts and feelings and channel them into designing games that make a difference to lives.

“With Corner Skills, facility owners and operators can add entirely new activity areas and opportunities for sport and exercise to their sport and play areas – without huge investment or major construction works.”