Playinnovation Makes a Play for the Metaverse and is the First UK Playground Brand to Launch in the Sandbox

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Playground innovators Playinnovation joined brands such as Adidas,Warner Bros and Gucci to enter the Metaverse. Playinnovation has partnered with Volution (OliveX), the Fitness Metaverse company to secure exclusive space within the Fitness Metaverse, in The Sandbox and is the UK’s first playground brand to announce this.

This historic deal will see Playinnovation’s trademarked products and games brought to life in the digital world, allowing users of The Sandbox to explore and virtually play and interact with novation products such as Street Snooker, Cross Bar King and Street Cricket among others.

This groundbreaking partnership will also transport one of the world’s most innovative and influential football freestyler, TV presenter and Playinnovation ambassador John Farnworth into the Fitness Metaverse. World-record holder with countless world and european titles under his belt John has been at the forefront and top of the freestyling world for a number of years. His talent and likeability have earned him a global fan-base as well as being invited to perform at events such as the Champions League Final.

Playinnovation has been designing, manufacturing and installing playgrounds in the UK for more than 15 years and this step to create an online-virtual replica has always been the vision for founder Marco Boi who says of the deal: “Playground design, game creation and community engagement has always been my motivators and drivers. When this opportunity to explore the realms of the Fitness Metaverse came my way I didn’t think twice. I believe we are in a unique position right now and I want to be a trailblazer for our sector and demonstrate that what happens online can impact and influence what we do in our real lives and then again, what we do offline can impact our online behaviours – a complete 360 ecosystem.”

Andy Hall, COO of OliveX and Volution said of this partnership: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Marco and the Playinnovation team. From the moment we had our first call with Marco, he had the vision and foresight to see how this is game-changing and has the potential to impact behaviour in the long-term. We are currently working with Playinnovation to design and build its Fitness Metaverse offer and I will be honest – it’s phenomenal. The gaming and development team are excited to be partnering with such a forward thinking and innovative brand.”

Playinnovation, John Farnworth and Volution OliveX will be working together over the next 18 months to launch Playinnovation’s products into the Metaverse to drive an ROI and encourage more people to become active. John Farnworth will also use this as a platform to perform and inspire.

Andy adds: “Launching into the Fitness Metaverse isn’t a vanity play. It can drive serious revenue into your business. We’ve seen recording artists such as Snoop Dog, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran host events in the virtual worlds, which sell out (in minutes) and return millions of dollars (or crypto). Whilst we can’t promise to host a Playinnovation event which will drive seven figures into their P&L we can look to engage, enthuse, motivate and commercialise a new part of the Playinnovation business through blockchain and NFTs.”

Marco concludes: “It’s exciting time. We are looking forward to working with Andy and his team and helping them to push boundaries when it comes to Metaverse development. As brands and businesses which motivate and inspire children, young people and their families we need to think outside the box and look at new ways to get our message across. This is one way in which we are doing things differently in 2022; with more innovation to come.”

Playinnovation is looking to launch its Fitness Metaverse offer in April 2022.

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