Power Padel Tennis Courts Hit the UK Market

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As the padel tennis phenomenon sweeps Britain, (ITV called it “the fastest growing sport in the UK”), SAPCA anticipates a sharp rise in the number of tennis venues keen to cater for this fast, fun game. LTA Padel estimates that more than 3,000 British people already play padel tennis more than once a week. With only 60 specialist courts currently available, the demand for specially configured padel tennis courts is set to grow dramatically.

Against this backdrop, SAPCA members ETC Sports Surfaces have announced a new and exclusive partnership with Pista Padel World – the leading supplier of padel courts across Europe, South America and Australia.

The partnership confirms ETC Sports Surfaces as the only UK contractors licensed to design, install and maintain Power Padel – a unique padel court system developed by Pista Padel World. Unlike any other UK padel courts, Padel Power can be moved, lifted and even stored away to give maximum flexibility to tennis venues wishing to introduce padel to their members.

The system also promises easy installation with minimal groundworks, in line with SAPCA’s mission to ensure that every sports and play construction project promotes innovation, collaboration and value for money for the benefit of venues and players across the UK.

There’s no doubt that the appetite for padel tennis is growing. Originating in Mexico, padel has already taken Europe, South America and Australia by storm with well over 2 million players enjoying the sport. In the UK, its status is growing fast, with its own governing body (LTA Padel) and a national club league already well established. October 2019 will also see the launch of the London Padel Masters – part of the Word Padel Tour which attracts a spectator audience of 16 million.

“ETC Sports Surfaces is thrilled to announce this new partnership and the launch of Power Padel onto the UK market,” says Simon Wells, Managing Director of ETC Sports Surfaces. “Pista Power World have installed hundreds of padel tennis courts. Their courts comply with International Panel Federation and ICO standards, and they’re widely acknowledged as the number one padel court construction company. Combined with our own thirty years’ experience in sports pitch construction, we believe that this partnership will give our customers the unique product they need to test the padel market, build a loyal new membership and adapt their facilities according to demand – minimising commercial risk and maximising revenue.”

For more information on ETC Sports Surfaces Ltd, please click [here].