SAPCA Awards 2024 Product of the Year winner: Redexim Verti-Top TTB

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The Redexim Verti-Top TTB won the Product of the Year category at this year’s SAPCA Awards.

Verti-Top TTB is a self-contained and self-powered towed machine that works in conjunction with an existing ride-on grooming device used to maintain synthetic turf surfaces.

The machine grooms, de-compacts and vacuums turf in one process. It de-compacts to allow for infill movement and porosity, grooms the turf filaments to keep them straight and true and collects fines from the infill system that would have migrated into water courses.

In addition, the vacuum and filtration system is designed to reduce bacterial risks associated with dirty synthetic fields especially SBR filled 3G surfaces.

Managing a synthetic field must now become more focused to ensure that infill systems are maintained at a level to ensure that not only the player has a good sports experience, but also it is achieved without causing health issues or environmental damage.

The Verti-Top TTB allows facilities to maintain their synthetic pitches to a much higher standard, whilst being safe and reducing the environmental impact of infill systems.

Originally the Redexim Verti-Top range was designed to be used with larger tractors as an all-in-one decompaction, grooming and vacuum cleaning device, and would take its power directly from a tractors PTO shaft.

This is effective however, this means the Verti-Tops are normally only used by contractors who have larger commercial tractors.

“In response to the need to be able to control and reduce the risks associated with infill systems, our engineers were tasked with creating a machine that can be used weekly and would deliver all the benefits of a PTO Driven Verti-Top,” Redexim said.

“It also had to utilise the existing grooming platform that 99% of all synthetic turf facilities have.”

“The solution was to make a completely new design that incorporates its own power plant to break the dependence on larger PTO drive tractors, but would be light enough to be towed by the existing grooming platform.

“After many versions the Verti-Top TTB was completed, which brings all the benefits of its larger siblings into a package that can be used by a site operator weekly.”