SAPCA Welcomes Petition Calling on Political Parties to 'Transform Physical Activity' for Children

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SAPCA is backing a petition which calls for politicians of all parties to transform physical activity provision for children and young people as part of the Right To Be Active campaign.

Launched by the Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA), the campaign asks those across society – including parents – to join the call for political leaders at all levels to take radical action and embed the fundamental right of all children to be active in policy, regulations and legislation.

“The SRA is right in calling on the government to take the lead on getting children more physically active,” said Chris Trickey, SAPCA chief executive.

“We have a Spending Review coming up next year, so it is an ideal time to highlight how expenditure on children and young people is a vital, long-term investment which will benefit the UK’s future infrastructure and economy.

“Having the facilities and opportunities to be physically active should be the right of every child in the UK.

“I urge all SAPCA members to take part in the Right To Be Active campaign and sign the petition.”

A recent report by SRA showed how childhood obesity is now a major concern across the UK.

The “Why Are We Failing Our Children” report, published in July 2018, revealed how 20 per cent of pupils in year 6 classified as obese – despite 93 per cent of children stating they’d like to be more active.

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