Say Goodbye to "rust spots" on Sports Courts and MUGAs 
– thanks to Britannia Paints

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Brown, “rusty” spots that appear on the surfaces of asphalt-based tennis and basketball courts – or MUGAs – are surprisingly common. The cosmetically undesirable spots or streaks can often detract from the appearance of the court.

The cause of the discolouring is due to iron pyrites, which are found in flint gravels and in some aggregates derived from mining waste. Pyrites can cause a “rusting” effect when the conditions are right – usually when oxidation takes place in the presence of moisture and atmospheric oxygen.

Now, Britannia Paints has developed a remedy – the first ever, water-based, Iron Stain Inhibiting Binder.

The product is an effective neutraliser of staining caused by iron pyrites. It is safe to use, environmentally friendly and, as well as nullifying the spots, has been designed to bind the court surface to inhibit further staining – helping the surface last longer. This means that the inhibiting binder is suitable for both new and old courts.

As the binder becomes translucent when dry, it can also be applied to any colour surface. Delivered in 20-litre containers, the binder can be applied either by roller or by brush to smaller areas.

Britannia Paints trialled the binder at the Holcombe Brook Tennis Club, in Greater Manchester, during March 2019. More than 18 months later, no iron stains have reappeared – proving its success.

“The great thing about the product is that it’s easy and quick to apply – you only need one coat,” says David Johnstone, managing director of Britannia Paints. “You simply apply the binder on the playing surface, so it sits between the surface and the top coat, preventing any spots from appearing. It’s like an invisible destroyer of the pyrites!

“The idea for the Iron Stain Inhibiting Binder came from our existing anti-rust primer products, which are traditionally used for metal surfaces. It took us about three months to perfect a binder that would be ideal for sports courts.

“The feedback has been brilliant – it’s clearly a product that the market has been craving for.

“For more information on the Iron Stain Inhibiting Binder, please contact Britannia Paints here.