SISGrass and HG Turf Group Sign Exclusive Partnership in Australia

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The new partnership offers the Australian sports turf industry a revolutionary new hybrid grass system – stitched hybrid grass by SISGrass. The SISGrass machine is versatile and provides the fastest installation on the market. Injecting artificial grass fibres into the playing surface, the surface is instantly stabilised, and the natural grass is protected.
SISGrass is stitched in a 20mm x 20mm square pattern, with 20mm of fibre above the surface and 180mm of fibre below the surface. The hybrid surface, which comprises 5% artificial grass and 95% natural grass, increases the playing hours by up to 3 times.

SISGrass is designed for long-term performance, with a life expectancy of 10 years+. The polyethylene fibres are UV stable and wear resistant. The fibres can also be recycled, which makes SISGrass a sustainable choice.

The SISGrass machine is powered by electricity and guided by laser for greater accuracy during installation. One machine can stitch a full-size football pitch in 7 days. A smaller version of the stitching machine is also available for goal boxes, golf tees, tennis courts and cricket pitches.

SISGrass was launched in 2015 and has been installed in over 100 pitches including 50 stadium pitches worldwide. SISGrass has been used with cool-season grass in the Premier League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League and Rugby World Cup. SISGrass has also been used with warm-season grass in the AFC Asian Cup. SISGrass is also widely used in community sport.

HG Turf Group has been supplying the market with hybrid grass for more than 20 years. The introduction of SISGrass expands HG Turf Group’s offer of grass systems.

Ivo Lamot, Managing Director, SISGrass: “We’re delighted to partner with HG Turf Group. Our SISGrass technology has been installed all over the world and working with this experienced partner presents an exciting opportunity to provide quality hybrid surfaces to a new market in Australia.”

Hamish Sutherland, Managing Director, HG Turf Group: “We are very excited to partner with SISGrass and offer their patented technology in Australia. Our collaboration includes the purchase of a SISGrass stitching machine, which will guarantee local supply and support of this international technology. SISGrass completes our hybrid grass portfolio. Our partnership with SISGrass is a significant milestone for HG Turf Group, and we are thankful for this opportunity.”

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