Sports Bodies: Sport "Hasn't done enough" on Racism

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100 UK sports bodies sign statement admitting sport “hasn’t done enough” on racism.

Around 100 leading UK sports organisations have signed a statement declaring the sector has “not done enough” to tackle persisting inequalities within it.

The statement, published today (15 June) by the Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA), has been signed by a number of leading national governing bodies of sport – including the RFU, UK Athletics, England Hockey, British Cycling and England Netball.

The statement reads: “The appalling death of George Floyd, the global protests that have followed and the powerful message of the Black Lives Matter movement has made every section of society take notice and confront an ugly truth.

“Sport and recreation has an influential role to bring about meaningful change and this period has rightly led the sector to reflect, listen, question, learn and openly discuss how to take positive action.

“It is acknowledged that up to this point, we have not done enough.

“It is time to confront racism and inequality that exists across sport, from grassroots participation through to the boardroom.

“Systemic change must be made at all levels so that we can become truly reflective of our wonderfully diverse society. We can no longer rely on black role models at the elite level speaking out, we must join together to become better and to support every member of the sport and recreation community.

“We must become more inclusive. We must create opportunities which are truly accessible. We must do more.”

Research from 2018 – by SRA –- shows that four in ten (40 per cent) of black and minority ethnic (BAME) participants have endured a negative experience in sport or physical activity settings – more than double that of white participants.

The latest activity figures from Sport England show that just over 50 per cent of black people in England meet the recommended levels of physical activity each week.

Additionally, the Diversity in Sport Governance report (from 2018-19) identified that only 5 per cent of board members, across Sport England and UK Sport-funded organisations, were from a BAME background.

To read the full statement and to see the list of organisations who have signed it, please click here.