The importance of standards

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Raising the standards for sports facility projects

We are the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. All of our members go through a strict checking process:

  • Strict Admission Criteria
  • Standards of Construction
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Technical Mediation
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We will shortly start work on putting together a SAPCA Code of Practice for Sports Lighting. The work is being driven by a working group, chaired by Chris Barry, Head of Technical at the Football Foundation.

Our codes of practice are at the heart of what we as an association do and are key to ensuring that we offer value both to our members and the wider industry. We provide our codes freely on our website to ensure that everyone has easy access to the standards that they should be able to expect from their sports and play projects.

The codes are built on the back of the time given, expertise lent and willingness of our members to drive forward the standards for sports and play. This ensures the codes remain rooted in the industry and ensure that they are widely applicable.

The desire of SAPCA members to hold themselves accountable to standards – and the scrutiny that comes with the approach – is a perfect example of why the SAPCA membership badge is valued so highly. The goodwill of companies, in sitting down with competitors to establish the codes, speaks to the determination of our members to do the right thing for an industry of which they are rightly proud.

So here we are, asking for our members to volunteer their time, so that clubs, organisations and facility operators have free access to the best information. I personally want to say thank you for the time, effort and thought that goes into these.

The codes are there for the entire industry. They are designed to ensure that the facilities and venues that are built to get the nation active are fit for purpose. So, if you are looking at a facility project, please use the SAPCA Codes of Practice – and feel free to get in touch for help and support. But most importantly, always look for the SAPCA badge when talking to companies. By working with those who are SAPCA members, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Richard Shaw