Updated Code of Practice for Athletics Tracks Now Available

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Photograph courtesy of South Wales Sports Grounds

SAPCA has published an update to its Code of Practice for the Construction and Maintenance of Athletics Tracks. The document supports the ongoing work to improve the UK’s athletics track provision by providing prospective buyers and specifiers with guidance on the construction requirements and specifications employed in building athletics tracks and associated facilities.

The code outlines the entire project journey – from the project brief to aftercare – and helps provide a clear understanding of the process.

Colin Corline, SAPCA Project Manager, says: “The processes and decisions that need to be made during the construction – or redevelopment – of an athletics track can be complex and will depend upon many contributing factors.

“The technical guidance within the code provides a detailed approach to how an athletics track is constructed. This will also be hugely relevant to any redevelopment work.

“The document draws from the experience of SAPCA’s member companies and UK Athletics, who have constructed a wide range of installations for a variety of clients over many years.”

The UK’s stock of athletics tracks is impressive, but also gradually ageing, with many facilities now approaching their 20th or 30th birthday. To address the issue, the sport’s grassroots governing body, UK Athletics (and its four member organisations from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) rolled out a new quality assurance scheme – called TrackMark – in 2019. It was introduced to raise and maintain standards of athletics facility provision and provide a safe, enjoyable experience for all users.

The role of TrackMark is also highlighted in the updated Code of Practice. To access the document – and all of SAPCA’s codes of practice – click or tap here.