Westminster City Council Upgrades Paddington Recreation Ground with New Stobitan® SC Running Track

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Paddington Recreation Ground, Westminster Council’s largest open space, enjoyed a major upgrade to its sporting facilities recently, in the form of a new 400 metre polymeric running track surface. The Stobitan® SC surface was manufactured by the Stockmeier Group and installed and finished by SAPCA member, ETC Sports Surfaces Ltd. The project was commissioned by Everyone Active and funded by Westminster City Council.

1.2 million visitors enjoy natural parkland and sporting facilities at the recreation ground every year. During the pandemic, its usage increased dramatically, according to Everyone Active’s Maintenance Manager, Sean Stewart. “Surging demand for our facilities placed huge additional pressures on our contractors and consultants,” he says. “Our contractor, ETC Sports Ltd, worked on this major running track surface upgrade in tandem with our consultants, the Centre for Sports Technology Ltd. In agreement with them, and our site-based staff, ETC introduced a system of small works to enable our sports facilities to remain open as long as possible during the works. The work upgrading the surface progressed to a very successful conclusion on March 31st, 2021.”

Features of the upgrade include the main new 400 metre polymeric running track, plus an adjacent sprint straight completed in 2020. The surface was finished in a vibrant blue, and bears Westminster City Council’s logo – a testament to the council’s support of this important project to provide cutting edge sporting facilities for visitors to enjoy. As well as athletics and running facilities, the site also boasts a cricket pitch with four practice nets, an outdoor bowling green, an al-purpose tarmac court, a full-sized 3-G artificial football pitch, a range of outdoor tennis courts, and a brand-new gym and group fitness studio.

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